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This section is for information purposes only - do not enroll in any of these courses. Any questions can be sent to or (210) 407-0162.

You can find information on missed class dates, General FAQ, Contracts, Road Test, Schedule2Drive Instructions (after receiving permit), DPS Appointments, DPS Document Requirements, and Duplicate DE-964E Certificates. 

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  • Driver's Education Makeup Calendar

    Driver's Education Makeup Calendar Missed a class? View our makeup calendar here. Please note you must make up the exact day you missed e.g. if you missed Day 7, you must wait until the next session on Day 7. You must email and let us know what session you are attending and you must bring the Makeup Form. Makeup Calendar: Makeup Form: NOTE: You are not registering for any driver's education session. Any enrollments will not qualify for any program. This section is only for information regarding the Makeup Calendar.