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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Are there any other procedures that we need to be aware of?

    ▪ Please ensure your child has used the restroom before class starts. A restroom break will be given as needed. 

    ▪ We cannot serve students who display chronically disruptive behavior. We expect students to follow the same rules in their summer classes as they do in their classrooms during the school year. If the incidents are severe, parents will be notified and the student will be withdrawn from the class.

  • Can I pay by check or with cash?

    Yes. You may send a check to NEISD Community Education at 8750 Tesoro Dr. San Antonio, TX 78217. Please include parent name, student name, address, phone number, email address, school, name of the class & session. Makes check payable to NEISD. Cash payments can be made in person at the Community Education office.

  • Can the parent/guardian sit in on the summer classes?

    Unfortunately, parents and/or guardians may not sit in and observe any of our classes.

  • Driver's Education: Where can I find more FAQ regarding Driver's Education?

    Please head to this website for Driver's Education FAQ:

  • If the parent/guardian arrives early for pickup, may they enter the classroom?

    We ask that parents and/or guardians patiently wait for students outside of the building in order to respect student engagement and the classroom environment. Should there be an emergency and early pickup be needed, we will assist you in signing your student out from the classroom.

  • What are the emergency procedures?

    Community Education staff will notify parents of any emergency situation as soon as possible. In such situations, parents are required to pick up their children immediately. In case of a major local emergency, parents should tune in to local media stations for information.

  • What are the medication procedures during summer classes?

    The school clinic is closed during after school programming and all medication, physician’s orders and severe allergy action plans are not handled by Community Ed instructors. Our instructors are contractors who come into the schools to provide classes, they are not NEISD employees and therefore do not administer medication of any kind. We currently do not have any other options at this time.

     ▪ During the event of an emergency 911 will be contacted.

  • What are the sign in/out procedures?

    All children must be signed out by a parent or guardian. 

    ▪ Please provide a form of identification if the person signing the child out is different from the person who signed the child in.

     ▪ Please be prompt when picking up your child after class. Late fees will be incurred.

  • What happens if my child becomes ill during a class?

    The school clinic is closed after school. If a child becomes ill or is injured during an after school class, parents will be notified by the instructor. If the child has one of the following conditions, the parent will be contacted to pick up the child immediately: contagious disease, fever over 100 degrees, vomiting or diarrhea. 911 will be called if the instructor feels the illness or injury requires it. Parents will be contacted immediately after the 911 call is made.

Still have questions?

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